Words Of Wisdom

everything you want

It takes getting everything you ever wanted

It takes getting everything you ever wanted And then losing it, to know what true freedom is.  It is our innermost basic human instinct to want to hold on to what we value most. Many of our root motives are fear based, and set-up to disguise out true needs. For example, in our fear of being lonely we get into a relationship, we believe we want the relationship, but in truth we just fear being alone. When we lose the relationship, job, or status that we believe we wanted, we begin to see that we can live without these attachments, and this can bring great feelings of relief. In losing it all that we want, we find that the reason ...
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humanity resists desires

Your humanity will resist and reject

Your humanity will resist and reject  Your soul’s deepest desires. There is nothing worse than self-deception, and oftentimes, this is exactly what we are doing to ourselves.  What you believe to be your truest, deepest desires, can merely be a figment of your imagination, and a mirror opposite of your darkest fears. It’s a human tragedy that our minds and our hearts so often contradict each other. In asking ourselves what we desire, it is much more important to consider WHY we desire those things. Is it because it is our true desire, or are we merely trying to avoid our greatest fears at all costs? Dig deeper into what you believe that you want ...
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holding on shaped us

There is no point in holding on

There is no point in holding on o that which has already shaped us.  In our attempt to remember and be remembered, we insist on holding on to people and things that have given significance to our life. However, sometimes it is holding on to that which no longer serves us that keeps us feeling stuck and uninspired. In our stubbornness, we believe that holding on to these certain things will make us stronger, when in reality they can be holding us back from more ...
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still chase-ar

Be Still Instead Of Chasing After Everything You Want

Today we will be talking about remaining still and going deep within yourself to break the walls of resistance that you have built against everything that you want. Instead of chasing what you want, for example more love and money, try to remain still, break through your limiting beliefs and allow these things to flow towards you. It could be that you are not getting what you want because you are not ready. Yet your impatience and chasing will only KEEP you from everything that you want. Instead be still, go deeper, and question your motives for running and chasing. Each limiting belief is like a rock in a damn, and until you move each and every one, all that ...
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Heart Broken Make Art

If your heart is broken make art with the pieces.

If your heart is broken make art with the pieces. Living is an art, and learning how to live with a broken heart is a part of the masterpiece. In living fully and being vulnerable, our heart is bound to be broken. This is an opportunity for us to create beauty from the brokenness, and in essence, learn how to turn sadness into a form of art. When your heart is broken, you need time to completely feel it and to completely heal. Sometimes we may lose patience with ourselves or with life because things aren’t going our way, but this is our chance to learn to dance in the rain. Learn to appreciate and even admire your broken pieces, ...
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Accept Love We Deserve

We accept the love we think we deserve

We accept the love we think we deserve Life may be rough for us and sometimes we may believe on a subconscious level, that we do not deserve to be loved. In believing this, we involve ourselves with people who validate that particular belief. We get into relationships where people may ignore us, mistreat us, or even abuse us. Yet we continue to stay in the unhealthy relationship because on some level, that is what we believe that we deserve. Unknowingly we actually keep ourselves from love, by looking for it in all the wrong places. Not until we love ourselves, and believe that we are worthy of love will we be able to create a healthy bond with others ...
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to be broken

To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.

To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken. Every shipwrecked soul once had the courage to believe, that is why they are broken in the first place. Being broken is part of believing, and through healing our brokenness, and not living in it, we can get back up and learn to live again. Oftentimes when we feel broken or defeated we see all things outside of us as broken too. We lose trust in ourselves and in the world. We live defensively and are consistently running and hiding. When we open up to the possibility that by healing our inner world, we can see a new reflection in our outer world, we can empower ourselves with ...
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create joy

Life will bring you pain all by itself, your responsibility is to create joy

Life will bring you pain all by itself, your responsibility is to create joy Being our own worst enemies in an already challenging world is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes unknowingly, we punish or sabotage ourselves for not being good enough or not having enough. Pain will come our way and if we create more of it for ourselves we are only adding to our own grief. Our daily challenge is to create joy, and find ways to make lemonade with our lemons. By creating something when we feel like breaking down, we can feel more empowered. This could be creating art, writing a poem, building something, dancing or doing anything that allows you to use your creativity to express ...
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attitude of gratitude-ar

Have an Attitude of Gratitude toward Life

Let's talk about a juicy subject that makes life absolutely fabulous. The "secret" to getting more of what you desire is to have an attitude of gratitude. Stop asking for more stuff and start savoring the blessings of everything and everyone that already surrounds you. Be grateful for your family, your health, and for being alive. If we are always asking, and being materialistic about having "stuff" we are overlooking all the wonderful gifts that life has already given us. Just for one day, don't focus on what you're missing, focus on what you already have and how lucky you already are! : ) ...
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give worth to-ar

We Tend To Become As Big As What We Give Worth To

Do you give more worth to your problems or to your possibilities? Pay attention to which one you give more weight in your life and which one you are focused on. Remember that whatever we focus on expands, and I truly believe that we do tend to become as big or as small as what we give worth to. If you are focused on the little things, on surviving, and on your problems you will tend to be that small. Giving worth to our future, our dreams, and our self-worth will empower us to becoming bigger, better, and wiser in the long run. I encourage to focus on expansion of your possibilities, and not trying to reduce or minimize your ...
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Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.

Our mind is usually more likely to deceive us and mislead us than our heart. There will be instances when our “gut feeling” tells us something isn’t the right way to go , and our mind tells us it is. This could come into play when accepting a new job, starting a new relationship or any other big choice. There is something inside of us that warns us in a subtle way, but we do it anyways. In this dance, we learn to become more of who we are, and who we are not, allowing us to find more peace and harmony in our lives ...
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darkness light-ar

Darkness is Not Bad, It is As Necessary as Light

Let's talk about the darkness and the unsexy parts of life and living. Oftentimes we believe that we only want light and joy in our life, but it is actually equally important to have moments of darkness. This helps us create contrast, and know the difference, and allows us to open up to both light and dark times with an open mind. Darkness is often dreaded, resisted, and labeled as a negative experience. But we learn our biggest lessons through our darkest moments, when life tests our dedication, and belief in ourselves. Don't be too quick to turn away from darkness and dismiss it as negative, it is in your life to teach you a lesson, and you will come ...
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best things in life

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen

The problem most of us have is that we are too focused in controlling our physical world, or what we are able to see. We perceive this physical plane as our complete reality and as an absolute truth. But Love is the most powerful force on earth and it cannot be seen or touched. We can’t measure it, contain it, explain it or justify it. It just is. Love is the universal language that holds the entire world together, and when we focus too much on the physical, the material, we can be missing a lot of the amazing experiences that life has to offer. Close your eyes, feel the love that surrounds you, and allow it to completely fill ...
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heart mind b

Our heart unites, our mind divides. Live in harmony, not in tug of war

Our mind and our heart work in very different ways and we need to be open and aware to listen to both. When we live out of our mind we are drawn to facts, figures, scientific explanation, and focused on survival. We are turned outward, and tuned to the external world for feedback and validation. When we live out of our emotions we are drawn to intuition, sensations, and energy and focused on expansion. We are turned inward, and listen to our internal guidance for feedback and validation. Neither one is right or wrong, we must seek harmony in the middle and not live in constant tug of war between our hearts and our minds. These two have a tendency ...
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keep what give

We only keep what we give

Life is a beautiful dance of giving and receiving, and this flow creates joy and excitement in our life. Of all the wonder that surrounds us daily, we actually only get to keep whatever we give to others. Nothing in life is ever really ours until it is shared and savored with someone else. All of our material possessions are worthless if we do not enrich our friendships, our relationships, and express our gratitude through making a contribution to the world around us. When we contribute, when we give, it is our way of shining and lighting up the world in ways that no one else can. Anything or anyone that you value, or love, is best experienced when shared ...
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New LDL -WM.fw

Our Problem is that we don’t want our story, we want someone else’s instead.

Sometimes we have so much doubt, so much insecurities, and our life seems out of balance. We feel like we are on the other side of everything we ever wanted. If only we could be smarter, if only we could be richer, if only we could have Brent’s or Lynda’s life instead. They seem happy and successful. Wouldn’t it feel much better to have their life instead?  Thoughts like this may cross our mind from time to time. It just seems that everyone else has it much better than we do. Like they have it all figured out and we don’t seem to get it right. When we disown our own story, we tend to live in denial, and running, ...
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Saying Yes ldl

Saying YES is the bravest way to keep leaning into life.

So often we doubt ourselves, and we doubt that life will ever really be like we want it. Living in uncertainty and with constant change can feel overwhelming and leave us feeling exhausted if we are always trying to control everything and keep up. Instead of struggling to survive choose to decide to lean into what life brings your way. Lean in to the adversities, lean in to the pleasures, it is by this leaning that we experience the full spectrum of our emotions. Leaning makes life more meaningful, more deep, and yet more light and fun. Stop worrying and taking life too seriously, and start leaning into what the new day has to bring your way today ...
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Wanting More

The pleasure of what we enjoy is lost by wanting more

It is our human nature to want more. We got a new house, we are already planning to get a bigger one. That expensive car we always wanted is in our drive way, and now we want a new boat or jet. Why do we do this? We sabotage ourselves and our success by always wanting more. It could be our ego, or our tendency to always reach, but in doing so we diminish the value of what we already have. We can become so obsessed with possessions and be so materialistic that we make it impossible to be happy with what we have and simply enjoy life. While having ambition and being driven is a positive thing, too much ...
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Stress is caused by being here and wanting to be there

Any moment that you are not fully present, you are resisting what is and creating dissonance between your environment and desires. As a society we are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, and lost souls attempting to find their way to that promise of a better place. Always chasing happiness, always looking for the next “easy” button to get there. Where is there anyway? And what is so wrong with being right here, right now? In our rush to change what we dislike about our life, we also tend to run right past the good stuff standing in front of us in this moment. Always longing to find love, to be rich, to have fame, can diminish the importance of the people ...
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Either you run the day or it runs you

There are mornings when we wake up and we don’t feel like our best selves. Maybe we didn't sleep well, or we simply could wake up in a bad mood. If we do not find a way to reset ourselves and make an effort to turn the day around, it can soon spill to the rest of the day. Having the discipline to know whether we need to brush it off, or need to give it more attention is important.  Some days it will be good to brush it off, and find a way to break the cycle and get going about your day. Other days it may be best to feel the feelings you are feeling, and be with them as long ...
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Travel Hopefully

To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Let’s face it, sometimes our expectations are high, and when we attain what we thought we wanted, it just doesn’t seem that great anymore. For example, you spend two weeks planning a fabulous trip to the beach with you family. You get excited, create vision boards, plan what you will do, share your thoughts with friends, and then the experience comes and goes. And in only 5 days the vacation is behind you, it is gone. The trip was great, but soon you realize that traveling hopefully in your mind, and having that vacation in your imagination seemed better and more exciting than the actual reality of it. Sometimes just having something exciting to look forward is what you really ...
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