Thinking Inside of The Box To Discover Your Fears and Limitations


Not Sure What Is Bothering You? Try This–>

Today’s video is a life hack that I use to get clear on what is holding me back when I am unsure of what is going on with me. When I do this it gets me directly in front of my biggest fears and limitations. There’s times when I feel trapped, stuck, or frustrated and it’s hard to know exactly why it’s happening. I came up with this idea out of desperation during a challenging part of my life when I was moving and in a transition phase that brought up a lot of emotions for me.

Watch the video and learn the trick that will help you to easily access these “hidden” negative emotions. It will help you create urgency so that you aren’t a bystander, and you actually do something to face these issues. I share a personal story of how this helped me open up to letting go and starting over. Also I want to warn you that you need to be ready to complete this exercise, you need to be ready to have a lot of negative emotions come to the surface, it takes courage and serious determination, but it can help you grow and see some blockages that you may not have been completely aware of.

By highlighting our fears, and having an emotionally intense desire to face them, we will stop living in denial, and start becoming a better version of ourselves. Try it out, and let me know what you think and what came up for you during the exercise.

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