Part 2 : Last 5 Steps To Plan Your WordPress Website

Last 5 Steps to Plan Your Future WordPress Website

6.) Finding or Creating Your Website Images
7.) Outlining Your Home Page
8.) Registering Your Domain Name
9.) Selecting Your Platform
9A) Why I Recommend Self-Hosted WordPress
10.) What to look for in Web Hosting Companies

This is the second video of the 2 part series on how to plan and prepare for building your future WordPress Site. During this video I will share tools and helpful resources for creating captivating website images, even if you are not a web design pro. Next I cover how to outline your home page as well as best practices, and why less is more. I give you pointers on choosing your domain name, where to register your domain name for $1. Next we talk about the different platforms and popular CMS’s, which are all great tools for creating your website . Find out why I recommend a Self-Hosted WordPress site and why its a great choice even if you consider yourself a “newbie.” Next we look at what is important for you to know when choosing a web hosting company. I am creating another resource for this that will be published shortly, stay tuned! Finally I go over the benefits of building your own website or finding someone to do it for you.