Every Genius In Misunderstood, Be One Anyway


Nobody has to believe in your talents, but you

Hello Genius!

Today’s video is about how every genius is completely misunderstood, and no matter what you do to try to make other people happy, it will not work. So don’t even try! Be yourself, be creative, and follow your bliss. Listen to yourself and do not allow other people around you to drown out your creativity and spirit. If it seems like everyone around you is successful but you aren’t, it is only because you have not taken the time to discover and cultivate your specific genius.

Being misunderstood, and embracing your genius

Look closely, and then look again, even closer. Things that you may now see in yourself as negative personality traits could be by design for a specific purpose that you do not know yet. If you feel misunderstood, it’s because nobody else understands your genius . . . yet! Embrace it, and cultivate it, and listen to yourself for more gifts, talents, and surprises that you may not know you have. Sure people will think you’re crazy and disagree with you, do it anyways! Be a genius, be misunderstood, someday people will ‘get it’ and if they don’t, it’s their loss not yours! : )