Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs About Receiving & Abundance


Do You Believe You Deserve To Experience Abundance?

A lot of us live our lives hoping to have more joy and abundance in our life. Today we will talk about abundance, and how being a good receiver allows us to open the door for more possibilities to come into our life. However, if we have limiting beliefs about receiving we are restricting the flow of abundance, and we may feel unfulfilled and resentful

In this video I share some of my limiting beliefs about receiving including : feeling like I didn’t deserve it, feeling too self-sufficient to ask for help, doubting the other person and being suspicious about their intentions, the fear of being taken advantage of, and more. The truth is that I blocked myself from receiving out of feelings of fear,shame, and unworthiness, this is what we tend to do when we live life from a perspective of lack, the complete opposite of abundance.

When we have limiting beliefs about receiving, we close people out and stop the flow of abundance, thus keeping ourselves from what we truly want. I encourage you to stop and pay attention to your own limiting beliefs about receiving. Here is a short list of possible reasons of why you may not be a good receiver:

  • You don’t feel like you deserve it
  • You don’t feel good enough
  • You are too prideful to ask for help
  • You don’t want to seem codependent
  • You don’t like to ask for help
  • You Don’t want to be open and vulnerable
  • You prefer to be a giver
  • You experience a lot of self-doubt
  • You have a hard time trusting yourself and others
  • You often question people’s true intentions
  • You fear getting taking advantage of
  • You feel like you never have enough
  • You feel like you never get what you want
  • You have lost the desire to hope for much
  • You fear getting let down … again!
  • You experience fear and anxiety when asking for help
  • You don’t believe that you can have it all
  • You feel that self-sacrifice is necessary
  • You have feelings of shame or anger when others give to you
  • You wonder what people will want from you in return
  • You don’t believe that you AND other people can have the same thing
  • You feel like most of the world is not generous
  • Your parents often didn’t give you what you asked for

The list can go on and on, the point is that these are limiting beliefs, and in order to experience abundance you need to soften up, lighten up, and be open and receptive to it. Oftentimes we create a protective shell around us when we feel let down, and this hardens us and protects us from hurt, but also keeps us from experiencing amazingly positive emotions.

I encourage you to take a serious look at how good of a receiver you are. How would you rate yourself between 1 – 10? If you see yourself anywhere below a 7, you may need to look deeper and uncover limiting beliefs that you may not even know you have.  Ask yourself:

How are you holding yourself back from more?

Are you afraid to get what you want?

What are your limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward and being open to life?

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