We Tend To Become As Big As What We Give Worth To

give worth to-arDo you give more worth to your problems or to your possibilities? Pay attention to which one you give more weight in your life and which one you are focused on. Remember that whatever we focus on expands, and I truly believe that we do tend to become as big or as small as what we give worth to. If you are focused on the little things, on surviving, and on your problems you will tend to be that small. Giving worth to our future, our dreams, and our self-worth will empower us to becoming bigger, better, and wiser in the long run. I encourage to focus on expansion of your possibilities, and not trying to reduce or minimize your problems. Problems will always be present, they are there to remind us that we are alive. Trying to get rid of them is like trying to get rid of air, focus on your possibilities instead and all the ways that you are blessed and unlimited.