We only keep what we give

keep what give

Life is a beautiful dance of giving and receiving, and this flow creates joy and excitement in our life. Of all the wonder that surrounds us daily, we actually only get to keep whatever we give to others. Nothing in life is ever really ours until it is shared and savored with someone else. All of our material possessions are worthless if we do not enrich our friendships, our relationships, and express our gratitude through making a contribution to the world around us. When we contribute, when we give, it is our way of shining and lighting up the world in ways that no one else can. Anything or anyone that you value, or love, is best experienced when shared. Abundance doesn’t live in a vacuum, and giving to others allows us to have more, not less. Give to others, and then give some more. It will return to you tenfold in many magical ways.