Stress is caused by being here and wanting to be there

Any moment that you are not fully present, you are resisting what is and creating dissonance between your environment and desires.

As a society we are overwhelmed with anxiety, depression, and lost souls attempting to find their way to that promise of a better place. Always chasing happiness, always looking for the next “easy” button to get there. Where is there anyway? And what is so wrong with being right here, right now? In our rush to change what we dislike about our life, we also tend to run right past the good stuff standing in front of us in this moment.

Always longing to find love, to be rich, to have fame, can diminish the importance of the people we have in our life now, the abundance that surrounds us and the influence we already possess. Look at what is going good for you right now, only in acceptance of what is, can we move towards what we want. As long as we resist it and consistently try to change it, we will continue to be frustrated, exhausted, and stressed. Learn to have gratitude for where you are, and it will get you to where you want to be with more ease, grace, and joy.