Our Problem is that we don’t want our story, we want someone else’s instead.

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Sometimes we have so much doubt, so much insecurities, and our life seems out of balance. We feel like we are on the other side of everything we ever wanted. If only we could be smarter, if only we could be richer, if only we could have Brent’s or Lynda’s life instead. They seem happy and successful. Wouldn’t it feel much better to have their life instead?  Thoughts like this may cross our mind from time to time. It just seems that everyone else has it much better than we do. Like they have it all figured out and we don’t seem to get it right. When we disown our own story, we tend to live in denial, and running, and hiding away from our challenges. But each individual has their own lessons, their own timeline, and their own journey. When we decide to accept our story, and learn from it, it will liberate us, and empower us to live a life from where we stand right here right now.