If you’re going through hell keep going.


Life isn’t always easy. And when things get tough, it’s so tempting to stop, try to turn the other way, and run away from our problems. Remember that avoidance and procrastination are not going to solve our problems. In fact terrible situations usually only get worse when left unattended for long periods of time. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room, have the courage to face your problems and go through hell, because there is freedom and relief on the other end. But you won’t get the “juicy good stuff” without enduring the tough part first.  Do your absolute best to go through hell, feel it burn, and keep going anyways. Once you get to the other side, and you have learned your lesson, then you can move on to your next challenge. : )  Your problems will repeat themselves over and over, until you face them. It’s better to go through hell once, and come out on the other side, than to go through hell, run, and then be dragged right back to hell  over and over.