Either you run the day or it runs you


There are mornings when we wake up and we don’t feel like our best selves. Maybe we didn’t sleep well, or we simply could wake up in a bad mood. If we do not find a way to reset ourselves and make an effort to turn the day around, it can soon spill to the rest of the day. Having the discipline to know whether we need to brush it off, or need to give it more attention is important.  Some days it will be good to brush it off, and find a way to break the cycle and get going about your day. Other days it may be best to feel the feelings you are feeling, and be with them as long as they wish to be there. Trust yourself to make that choice. Strive to make a conscious decision to choose which one is best for you and move forward with it.  Realize that you can’t have a stellar day every single day, and also remember that its important to give yourself some time to break down here and there, its OK as long as you make sure to get back up and keep on going. Run your day, and make it a success, no matter which way you go.