Discovery consists not in seeking new land but in seeing with new eyes.

Seeing With New Eyes

Sometimes it may feel like finding a new job, a new relationship, or a new place to live will help us solve our problems and end our life’s dilemmas. But while outside circumstances may differ, we are still the same person inside. We will go to the new job and make the same mistake, we will go into a relationship and still have the same blind spots, and that new place we move to will continue to bring us the same problems. Trying to escape our problems, instead of facing them head on, only prolongs our struggle.

Look inside of yourself for an explanation of why this is causing pain in your life. What lesson do you need to learn? How do you need to shift your perspective. Looking at the same things with new eyes can be challenging, since we usually take what is in front of us for granted. Learn to explore and navigate your world through new eyes, and you will see that the solutions are within your reach. No need to make drastic changes, no need to try to remove yourself from your problems. Be there, and learn to look at everything through a new light of possibilities.