Beware the barrenness of a busy life.

Busy Life
Are you always too busy to stop to breathe or play? Too busy to spend time with your loved ones? Too busy to stop and smell the roses? A busy life may seem meaningful and rewarding, but if you don’t realize the root reason that you are doing everything for, none of what you do will really matter in the end. You may start wondering why, despite all of your accomplishments and possessions, you feel unfulfilled or empty inside. This could be because you were so caught up doing, that you forgot to stop and just be. Be fun, be spontaneous, be open. Don’t use the excuse of being too busy to play, to have fun, or to allow yourself to relax. Take time to strengthen your relationships, and make time for the important people in your life. Being busy is one thing, but being unaware or unfriendly is another.