Knowing When To Walk Away From Difficult Circumstances With Dignity


Hey Dignified Diva! ( Or Dude : )

Let’s talk about uncomfortable stuff, like feeling stuck in a draining relationship or a dead end job. We have all been there, stuck in situations where we feel trapped and like life is flat and dull. When a particular situation you are in is draining your energy instead of inspiring and uplifting you, that is a clear sign that you need to make a choice to stay or to go.  As if it wasn’t hard enough to decide to walk away, you also need to find a tactful way and do it with dignity and respect for yourself and anyone else involved.
Life can get tricky sometimes, but when we decide to stay in uncomfortable situations, we are only setting ourselves up for much more hurt and possible disaster down the road. Have the wisdom, courage, and dignity to walk away from anything or anyone who is no longer serving you, growing you, or making you happy. : ) The more that you tolerate “crap” in your life, the more crap you will get. Stand up for yourself, decide you have had enough, and open up to new possibilities.

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