Discover Your Imagination by Learning To Play Again

Hello Creative Player!

Today I will share how I reconnected with the playful, free-flowing,creative, and fun part of myself by learning to play again. In the earlier years I used to play with my son, and seeing his eyes light up and heart full of joy and excitement, I thought I may be on to something. Up until then each time I “played” with my son, I would make long to-do lists in the back of my mind, and my mind would wander and I was not present in the moment. Over time, I have learned to play again and invite my inner child to have fun, discover, imagine, hope, and dream. You don’t have to be a parent in order to do this, I encourage you to grab a box of play-doh, find a kid, and learn to play again. This will help you live in the moment, lighten up, and learn to have a little fun : )