Discovery Consists Not In Seeing New Lands But In Seeing With New Eyes


Hey Gorgeous!

Today we will be talking about finding treasures from where you stand. Instead of searching for a new job, or relationship, or longing for something new, try to look at your current environment from a new perspective. Don’t blame your boredom or lack of excitement in life on anything or anyone outside of yourself. We tend to take everything and everyone that is familiar for granted.  I encourage you to become more aware of the people that are in your life right now.
How can you engage them in a deeper, more meaningful conversation? How can you share more, give more, and take more in?  We tend to overlook the familiar and always seek something different, something new, when if we stop to look deeper we already have a wonderful world around us. Just pay attention to the air that you breathe everyday. When was the last time you noticed that there is plenty of air for you to breathe every single day? Look closer at your life, and put a magnifying glass to all of the wonder and joy that is already before you in the present moment.
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