Going Through Hell & Dealing With Adversity


Hello Warrior! 

Thanks for tuning in, today we will talk about dealing with adversity and what may seem like going through hell in your life. Sometimes life is so challenging that we may be tempted to resist the pain and struggle. However when we do this, adversity just lingers for however long we decide to avoid it or ignore it. If you are going through hell in your life, hold on tight, close your eyes, and keep going.

That’s right ,keep going. Feel it and let it go through you, doing this raises the likelihood that it will pass quickly. Anytime you are facing adversity, when you are tempted to look away, the best thing to do is to run towards your obstacle, feel it, overcome it and move on. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but you have to go into the tunnel in order to see it. 

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