Who You Think You’re Not Is What Holds You Back


Hello Adventurer!

Life is a daring adventure, and when we believe that we are enough and that we have enough, everything can be glitter and excitement. But what about the times when we believe that we are NOT good enough? Today’s episode will focus on how we hold ourselves back from everything we want by not believing that we are good enough, or smart enough, or successful enough. 

It is who we think that we are not that holds us back and creates feelings of insecurity, fear, self-doubt, and other negative emotions.These emotions hold us back and prevent us from taking actions that could improve or enrich our live’s. This happens because we simply don’t believe that we are good enough or that we do not have enough. These two fundamental beliefs can determine if our life has an upward or downward spiral direction, and ultimately it is up to us to choose.  

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