Own Your Femininity or Masculinity


Hello Gorgeous!

Today we will be focusing on how you can OWN your femininity, or masculinity in order to attract meaningful and lasting relationships. When you do not own your femininity, you will attract men who can not commit, have no back bone, and seem indecisive. When you do not own your masculinity you will attract women who are needy, demanding, pushy, and controlling. This dynamic is a result of OUR own inability to completely embody our identity, sexuality, and the fundamental essence of our presence. When we do not OWN ourselves, we leave room for fear, insecurity, and other negative emotions to creep in. Also since we don’t know who we are or what we want, we are not able to create a lasting union with another person, and all relationships end in heartbreak and disappointment. 

On the other hand, when BOTH partners own their individual femininity or masculinity, only then are they able to create a lasting union through harmony and balance. Neither partner is needy or insecure, since they both know who they are and what they want, there is NO ROOM for that.Today I encourage you to pay attention to your relationships and to your behavior. ARE YOU OWNING YOUR ESSENCE? If you are, you will attract other people who are doing the same, if you are not, you will continue to encounter relationships that mirror your insecurities and create heartache and headaches in your life.  For More Content Like This Visit My Blog Aida Rojas.com

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