Feeling Lost Can Be A Gift


Hello Wonderer!

We have all felt lost at one point in our life. Whether it be in our personal life, careers, relationships, or finance. Feeling lost can leave us feeling uninspired, disoriented, and insecure, when we dwell on the downside of being there, but there is another side. Feeling lost can actually be a gift! It may not feel like a gift, but when we feel lost we are more open to slowing down to discover where we are and where we are going. Living with adventure and uncertainty is a part of life, when we learn to let go, and trust that life will take care of us no matter what, it doesn’t matter if we are lost. Having the courage to know when you are lost, and the patience to work through it, will help you find your way and live with more courage and determination. Stop being afraid and confused about why you are lost, and start navigating the land, you never know what new adventure awaits you! : )  

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