How Your Tiny Passions Lead To Giant Ones


Hello Amazing! 

Thanks for tuning in, today we will talk about following your passion! No matter how small or simple, by following your tiny, baby passions, you will be lead to strike gold and find a GIANT passion that turns you on, sets you on fire, and makes you unstoppable. The truth is that we all have more than one passion, and our passions evolve and change over time.  

The challenge is to persistently keep listening to yourself and your tiny passions will create stepping stones that lead you to massive ones. The kicker is that even your first GIANT passion may not be THE ONE. In 5 years you may not be as into it anymore, so you may need to start the process again, and follow your tiny passions AGAIN until you strike gold AGAIN.

At first you passion may not make your rich or famous, but you never know if 3, 5, or 10 years down the road it can lead you to massive success, love, and wealth. Even if nobody else believes, believe in yourself, and you will strike GOLD!! : ) 

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