From Fear To Faith


Hello Fearless Warrior!

Today we will talk about the process of moving from fear to faith. This is not for the faint at heart, and it is not easy work to do, but it can be very rewarding and help you live a happier and more fulfilling life. Moving from fear to faith requires for us to exhaust our ego in order to awaken the soul. In essence we have to flush out all of fears by facing them in order to clear them. Facing our fears and feeling them through will take time, but it will to heal you and open up more space. 

You have to be brave when shifting from fear to faith because there will be periods of emptiness. These periods can create anxiety, and we may be tempted to replace the emptiness with people or things. Living with emptiness is a part of moving from fear to faith, as we make room for bigger and better things. When we allow fear to drain us, exhaust us, and our ego is set aside, then we can find faith and the unstoppable and unbreakable part of ourselves.

I encourage you to find something that you fear that you can start facing TODAY to move you one step closer to faith from fear. 

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