Aida Rojas

Love Dream Live Podcast Host  

Hello, my name is Aida : ) I am the Author of “100 Days To Love Dream Live,” which covers spiritual quotes about relationships, wealth, health, and maintaining a positive mindset. I am also the host of The Love Dream Live radio show and blog, that is dedicated to helping people with self trust, self discovery and spirituality. The show’s main goal is to help spiritually awakened souls to create harmony in their life, by loving, dreaming, and living more.

I am a spiritual life coach and offer spiritual coaching sessions that help people trust themselves more. TRUST builds an unshakable, and unbreakable foundation that allows us to create flow and abundance in many areas of our life.

I am a yogi, and am dedicated to a daily spiritual practice. In my own journey, I noticed that when I began to trust myself more, and develop my intuition, I experienced accelerated expansion.

This is why I am now devoted to helping others trust themselves to work through relationship, health, or wealth challenges. Some of my interest include psychology, sociology, philosophy, and poetry.

I am a lifetime learner and am continually learning new ways to heal, and attending seminars to further my knowledge about spirituality.

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